Saint Sophia meets my family. From a trance

July 21st, 2019

From a Trance:

I was lying on a meadow with my head on Saint Sophia’s lap.

All of a sudden a girl came sliding down a slope to us, hopped from her sled, laughing, and rested it against a tree. It was my mother at about eight years old! She took out a blue ball from her satchel and asked if I wanted to play. Sensing I was too tired, she reached into the satchel and pulled out two more blue balls and juggled all three in front of us.

“Where did you learn that,” I asked. “In Heaven from JS Bach,” she said. “He juggled these very blue balls while I played inventions to his movements on a pipe organ. We had great fun doing that, and then J. showed me how to juggle. So I thought you might enjoy it, too.”

“What’s your name” I asked. “Irene,” she said, while continuing to juggle. “What’s yours,?” Irene asked. “Naomi Irene.” We both smiled.

Then a boy around 9 years old wearing a farmer’s overalls and a tie waked up to us with a sickle. He said the grass here was getting high and he thought he’d cut it back for us.

“Why are you wearing a tie?,” I asked. “Oh you gave it to me as a present,” the youngster explained. “Whenever we met you at the airport,” I used to wear a tie you had given me. Now I have come to tell you that I love you.”
“Oh,” I cried, “I only ever heard you say that a couple of times.”

Then he turned to Sophia. “Who are you, the Holy Spirit?” “Yes,” she said. “How did you know? “Because I can read Aramaic and God addressed you as she.”

Then the four of us sang “How Brightly Shines the Morning Star” in German from a setting by Felix Mendelssohn in the key of Eb. I sang Soprano, my father Bass, Sophia Alto, and mother Tenor.

When I awoke, I looked up Mendelssohn’s setting and it is in Eb. My mother had a low alto voice and often sang Tenor in choirs. My mother used to sled to school in St. Paul in the winter, and my Dad always wore a tie I had given him when I visited my folks in CA. He also sang Bass in our choir early on in his ministry.

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