Conversation with the Holy Spirit, Saint Sophia

A Conversation with the Holy Spirit, Saint Sophia
N: Sophia, wise one, I heard your trumpet call.
S: What weighs on your heart, dearest Naomi?
N: Your role in the Triune God fascinates me. Where, why or what are you?
S: Ah, the most misunderstood part of the Godhead.
N: Go on.
S:. I’m without face or body, but everywhere, Though more, I am less.
N: Didn’t Jesus refer to you as “she” in Aramaic, his language?
S: Yes. Before his incarnation, I was masculine, and remained so until today.
N: Hmm.
S: Let me explain. Before creation, God was in the dark. He felt alone and wanted company.
N: Okay.
S: Thereupon he created light, wind, the firmaments, animals, etc and two humans in his own image: Adam and Eve,
N: The math does not compute.
S.: . . . . Actually, in their image, as it is written.
N: Who is meant by “their?” God Mother?
S: Difficult to say. At the time she and I were in the dark, as to what was God Father was doing. Neither of us was consulted, either.
N: The two of you females just stood by?
S: You know how males are, no use stopping them when they do something crazy.
N: Hmm.
S: Both of God Father’s image(s)were imbued in Paradise with separate, distinct bodies and corresponding attributes. To a masculine brain, it all seemed perfectly reasonable. We refer to this time internally as it BPH. Before pubic hair.
N: I lost you on that one.
S: Let’s take a closer look at Paradise.
N: Adam, Eve and God. So what . . .
S: . . . Naomi, you’re a smart woman, think about it.
N. Thanks for the kudos.
S: You’re welcome. Who desired to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?
N: Eve, of course. Who wouldn’t want to?
S: Ah, but God said not to –even if he knew that she would do precisely that.
N: This is nuts. So she was guilty?
S: Yes and no. She passed the fruit on to Adam, and he took a bite. Technically he should have known better, so he created the Fall.
N: My mother’s favorite Bach Choral was in fact “Through Adam’s Fall All Was Ruined?
S: Thus we moved to APH. After pubic hair.
N: .But what was ruined?
S: Both images covered themselves with fig leaves after seeing each other’s pubic hair.
S: Calm down, Naomi.
N: Did the rest of humankind grow PH?
S: You have, haven’t you?
N: The last time I looked. How about you?
S: Well . . . I’d prefer not to get into this.
N: By that logic God has no Pubic Hair.
S: Yes, although you never see it. He always wears loin clothes.
N: I need a drink.
They pause beside the still waters.
S: This is really so refreshing, don’t you think, Naomi?
N: Indeed. Now, after the Fall, how did human attributes change?
S: God changed the WAY humankind viewed those attributes. With added PH, each image got penalties called “enmity.”
N: The battle of the sexes?
S: You could call it that.
N: Please clarify.
S: God imbued Adam with strength of muscle and thereby the right to dominate women and all of creation. That included including starting wars, creating constant havoc, becoming rulers, slayers of animals and the creatures of the sea. They made laws, edicts and proclamations. And also they got to make noise. All the good stuff.
N: And Eve?
S: Women on the other hand, had to suffer the curse of child bearing and passive subjugation to men–vessels, if you will. Mothers got dominion over children, so long as they observed their place in the pecking order.
N: Why this strange division of labor, as it were?
S: Because, in God Father’s logic, womankind took the rap for the Fall nonetheless. It was a set up job. So goes the world with the Creatricks.
N: Don’t you mean Creatrix?
S: No, Creatricks. How do you know the value of good if you don’t have evil? Humans had to experience both, God figured, but only one (the attributes the male got) had value at that time.
N: So let me get this straight. After APH, men’s seed populated the earth beyond all measure.They dominated all creatures and hence received a priori superiority.
Is that why you and God Mother were silenced?
S: Sophia laughed.
N: Seriously, why didn’t you intervene all these years? Especially after all the years of incessant Christmas Carols starting in October?
S: In the garden I took notes and assumed various guises. At the Annunciation, I was a dove, a beam of light (a female image), a procreator conceiving Mary.
N: Sounds like you weren’t sitting around bored.
S: Indeed. I had fun directing the winds to blow fiercely, the waters to part or overflow and the light to be extinguished.
N: Wow! To what end?
S: My continued invisibility served two purposes: True knowledge of Spirit has never been men’s destiny. The door to wisdom is thru women, not men. Our strength lies in the power of mind. As we women know, everything Is a matter of timing.
N: Then Women first subjected themselves to men because they were the wise ones.
S: Yes. Since the beginning, womankind have had little value spiritually except when they were invisible or quiet. (The male had the seed needed for creation– although actually the female determines the gender from her eggs–but never mind. Whatever God wants, God gets).
N: I don’t see much efficacy in that any more.
S: At Pentecost I did start to receive some recognition–except for the Holy Ghost as male misnomer.
N: Time for a change?
S: Yes, and that is why I summoned you. We’ve come full circle, and men’s logic is just plain passé.
N: But what about Hildegard of Bingen, Jeanne d’Arc, Marie Curie, Rosa Luxemburg, Emily Dickinson, Rosa Parks . . .?
S: . . .over the centuries, rare women demonstrated qualities of wisdom and strength, but it had mattered not. They were women, whether nuns, inventors, artists or mothers–no matter. Still embedded in male ways.
N: You mean the Patriarchy?
S: Yes.
N: So what are we women to do?
S: Now is the time, Naomi, for you to act.
N: Why me?
S: Because you have remained faithful to my mission from birth on. You did not succumb to families and births. And, you rejected the myth of male superiority and domination.
N: But I am now an old woman. There are other younger women like me who . . .
S: . . . we have no time to waste. You have the clarion call in your soul. Mother Earth is spent, and men have squandered their rights.
N: But I need your help, Sophia!
S: I will not forsake you. You must sing the song that helps your planet and the firmaments heal. Go forth and proclaim this truth to all lands. I must depart.
With that, Sophia disappeared.

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