Postscript on Martin Stephan and CFW Walther

More on the LCMS treatment of Martin Stephan and his ancestors. The charges against Stephan under the seal of confession were never proven. In fact, Luise Guenther’s “confessed” as to Stephan’s alleged acts of sexual impropriety occurred under duress and were later retracted in writing, a copy of which MS had in his hand when the mob arrived. The same is true of the other two women. Not one accusation against Stephan was levied without it’s being lost in court. And for Stephan’s obvious virility, no children were ever born by these alleged accusers.
Gustave Koerner, Bishop Stephan’s lawyer with credentials reaching as far away as Washington, D.C., commented on the contention and the revolt of the Saxon colonists as being “very common occurrences in emigration-societies.” Stephan had contacted Koerner in desperation for help with a suit against the colony, who had, in Koerner’s words, “one against a half a dozen of the ring leaders [comprising 300 men] had mobbed the Bishop’s house, dragged him and his housekeeper out of it, made him sign all kinds of renunciations and releases, and then put him in a boat and sent him over to Illinois.”
Koerner lost no time in making small potatoes of the colonist’s actions and claims against the Bishop, including Stephan squirreling away the deed to the purchased land for himself. As Koerner filed suits against individuals for theft of Stephan’s property (without restoration of damages while in storage as was impossible to prove who did what: the persons who had locked up Stephan’s possessions, and those who had taken money from him.
As the trial commenced, Koerner rather relished the fact that the colony obtained the services of “some of the best lawyers in that section of the country,” (at whose expense I wonder), because “They at once . . . saw that Stephan would succeed.” Pressing charges against as to who instigated mob violence were difficult to prove on an individual basis, although, as Koerner adds, that a riot “was certainly the case.”
Walther forms the cornerstone of LCMS adoration. His deeds and hounding of Martin Jr. demonstrate his wired mentality. See Martin’s letter on my Website
If returning to (Germany) represented the young Martin’s going back to the fleshpots of Egypt as Walter sneered, what did the trips of Walther back to Germany signify? Martin went to help his ailing mother.
CFW led the way for further shaming and humiliation of Martin. Other LCSM bosses took it as a license to continue. My father returned from yearly LCMS Synodical conferences which usually took place in or around his birthday. We kids looked forward to our Dad’s return, had a birthday cake waiting for him, only to discover Curtis more often than not, depressed. We didn’t understand why. I have many of his letters of protest to the synod, and some included on the website.
In 2009, when I called the synod office in St. Louis on an official Stephan matter, the man answering the phone who told me to “Get over it.” (No mention that LCMS prepare to do the same thing.)

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